We are committed to LIVING UNITED.


Mission Statement

As women we use our time, expertise, resources and passion promoting programs that empower children and ultimately lead to their success.

Current Initiative

United Way of Utah County Women’s Leadership Council works to ensure that by 2020, 95% of Utah County children read at grade level by the end of 3rd grade.

We Support
  • Early childhood development programs, as they are key to reading success and preschool readiness.
  • Reading, volunteering, mentoring and tutoring programs for kindergarten, first, second, and third grades.
  • Education programs that empower parents to contribute to their children's reading success.


“Mobilizing the power of women to get things done in Utah County!”


Members of the Women's Leadership Council utilize their passions, expertise and resources to create opportunities such as:

All women in Utah County are invited to support our efforts by giving, volunteering and advocating. We understand that lifting one person in our community benefits everyone. 

Impact of Women's Leadership Council

More than 130 United Way Women's Leadership Councils with nearly 55,000 members across the United States actively engage in initiatives that postively impact their communities. Collectively,Women's Leadership Councils have donated more than $1 billion to advance the common good with initiatives such as lowering the teen pregnancy rate in their area or providing quality day care facilities.

Our local Women's Leadership Council supports the education initiative of United Way of Utah County which focuses on preparing children to succeed in school and beyond. From our formation in October 2006 until November 2012, more than $350,000 has been generated toward this goal. We are committed to our 100% guarantee which allows all Women's Leadership Council event funds to be allocatted to programs benefitting women and children in Utah County.

Current Initiative-Early Childhood Literacy

Women's Leadership Council members currently support efforts to develop early childhood literacy.  Hundreds of children's books are purchased each year and distributed throughout the county.  Encouragement and training for parents in helping their children develop early literacy skills reaches families through Welcome Baby, a home visitation program for new parents. Welcome Baby also organizes playgroups in interested neighborhoods and provides a free curriculum which emphasizes pre-reading activities.  In addition, Bedtime Stories, a program at the female correctional facility, helps mothers in  prison encourage their chldren to read. Volunteers  record  the inmates reading a book and then the CD's are sent to their children. Members of Women's Leadership Council give, advocate and volunteer in these programs according to their interests and availability.  Women's Leadership Council also supports Help Me Grow, a free parent information line linking families to community resources and child development information (Dial 2-1-1).